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Here you can download the full schematics of all my projects, the DDDAC 1543 & 2000, Tube Amps, datasheets and other technical information



DAC Info (back to top)

dddac-usb-1543-dac32.pdf ( 662) (March 23) New DDDAC 1543MK2 Project. USB to I2S Converter with selectable analogue output (PCM2707 or TDA1543 NOS). PDF document with all circuit and PCB information. 
dddac1543mk2ver50.pdf ( 1.133k) (Jan 1) New DDDAC 1543MK2 Project. PDF document with all circuit and PCB information. Including SPDIF receiver, USB - I2S converter / DAC and 12xparallel TDA1543 DAC modules
dddac1543ver22.pdf ( 601k) (Oct 28) Old DDDAC 1543 Project. PDF document with circuit information   UPDATED VERSION 2.2
batterychecker.pdf ( 191k) (Oct 21) Bonus Lay-Out of the DDDAC1543 PCB. PDF document with all details.
sony777tweak23.pdf ( 73k) (Jan 11) Tweak of the week: The Sony 777 SACD Player: Transformer Output, By Passing all OPAMPS the "finally built" solution  
sony777tweak20.pdf ( 67k) (March 17) Tweak of the week: The Sony 777 SACD Player: Transformer Output, By Passing all OPAMPS
sony777tweak10.pdf ( 17k) (March 15) Tweak of the week: The Sony 777 SACD Player: Transformer Output, By Passing the OPAMP Filter / Buffer Stage  
DDDAC31.pdf ( 79k) (Nov 21) Latest Update of the DDDAC without tube stage and with R I/V Volume stepper !!! In the version 3.0 there was a little drawing error at the 5842 chip pin11
DDDAC22.pdf (98k) (Nov 21) This is the proposed version with the parts I like best and without all the experimental functions. Recommended for those who want to build straight away the "final" version.   In the version 2.0 and 2.1 there was a little drawing error at the 5842 chip pin11
DDDAC1.pdf version 1.0  (572k) This is the version as I built it: with 2 different receivers and 2 different digital filters, enabling you to experiment around














Tubes related Info (back to top)

golidav2005.pdf ( 421k) (Jan 06)   Revised circuits after a major update in the power supply, adding fixed grid bias and using DC Heating supply
auridux22.pdf ( 96k) (Dec 14) AURIDUX STAX Headphone Tube amplifier. PDF with Circuit diagrams  
phonodude-hard-wired-41.pdf ( 31k) (Dec 14) PhonoDude RIAA Tube Hard Wired amplifier. PDF with Circuit diagrams 
phonodude-pcb4.pdf ( 51k) (Dec 30) PhonoDude RIAA Tube amplifier. PDF Document with Circuit diagram and printable version of the PCB lay-OUT
DDPRE3.pdf ( 129k) (Nov 22) This is the amp as it plays music today. the 5691 replaces the 6SL7 and a separate Filament Power Supply, resulting in much less HUMM. Now Humm is below noise level of LP.
Volume.xls ( 21k) (Sept 20) An excel sheet of the configuration of the stepped Volume Switch used in the DDPRE1
Can be used for other configurations as well !!
DD300BXL3.pdf ( 76k) (Sept 06) Revised circuit after a facelift for the MU-stage in the GOLIDAV, leading to much more headroom and less distortion. Also minor changes in the power supply
DDPRE2.pdf ( 80k) (August 28) This is exactly the amp I am going to built right now.... Schematics with Grounding rules and drilling stencil !
DD300BXL2.pdf ( 161k) (August 20) Actually built version of the  KR300BXLS single end amplifier with 227 driver stage. This circuit includes grounding recommendations
DD300BXL1.pdf ( 69k) (May 8) New Project KR300BXLS single end amplifier TOP of the LINE amp. This is the first design study.
DDPRE1.pdf ( 281k) (May 8) New Project Phono RIAA and MU PRE Amp with 6SL7 and 30.
mutest.xls ( 93k) (May 8) XLS Sheet with all measurements of the MU LAB Tests
mutest.zip ( 54k) (May 8) Pictures of FFT Analyzer belonging to XLS file
DD300B1.pdf (22k) Schematic of my 300B amplifier, including new driver stage


















Tweaks and Other Projects (back to top)

serial_filters_6dB ( 153k) (Sep 14) XLS File for calculation basic serial filters Filter Design of the GYDINEL
TUMOSver31.pdf ( 83k) (Jan 11) TUMOS   information package Other Projects  
etamsas11.pdf ( 23k) (March 03) First draft on Filter and BOX construction Other Projects
ddsub10.pdf ( 13k) (Jan 02) Details on the Master SUB construction Other Projects
ampbx11.pdf ( 25k) (Sep 03) Circuit of the Amplifier MU Stage Test Box. Presented in the Other Projects
capwire.xls ( 15k) (Aug 22) Small XLS file to calculate capacitance between wires. Used in the silver cable story
DD300B2.pdf ( 93k) (May 8) Last update of my 300B single end amplifier with AVVT Tube and 76-MU driver stage









Components Datasheets  (back to top)

tda1543.pdf ( 72k) The small Philips DAC Chip... 
2SJ162.pdf (39k) Hitachi P-Channel MOSFET used in the TUMOS  
2SK1058.pdf (39k) Hitachi N-Channel MOSFET used in the TUMOS  
CS8412.pdf (643k) Crystal 16 bit digital data receiver 13Mhz  (44kHz)
DF1704.pdf (223k) Burr Brown 8x oversampling digital filter 25MHz (96kHz)
PCM63P.pdf (260k) Burr Brown 20 bit Multibit DAC 25Mhz  (96kHz)
PCM1704.pdf (210k) Burr Brown 24 bit Multibit DAC 25Mhz  (96kHz)
SM5842.pdf (201k) NPC 8x oversampling digital filter 13 MHz  (44kHz)
TORX176.pdf (347k) TOS Link optical receiver
7136X.pdf (33k) Sowter MC Step Up transformer
8347.pdf (72k) Sowter DAC Step Up transformer




















Note: As with software, it is very easy to have little type errors etc slip in the documents. Please check for new revisions before you start building or finish building !!

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