Updated: 11-Jan-03
ETAMSAS, the new ETON Air Motion Satellite System
with ETON 4-300HEX25 and ER-4

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Another loudspeaker system..... Why? I asked my self as well. Last year, I spent good money on the HGP speaker system which is introduced on this Site as well. Is it bad, definitively NO ! Actually it is very good. But, well, you know, may be, could it, would it, ..... Real DIY people always like to design and built something from their own. One year ago, I had no inspiration which loudspeaker chassis to use. Till recently, where I made such good experience with the Master SUB. The unit used here is a ETON Chassis with the famous HEXACONE design. I figured that a midrange speaker must sound very nice as well with cone material like this. The 4 inch chassis looks very suitable for that purpose. Remember, I do not need frequencies below 150Hz. That portion of the HGP is active any way. Than I read about their new tweeter, the ER-4, an air motion transformer. A zig zagged foil, 10 times the size of a dome tweeter, but same mass, which attracts and distracts as signal is applied and more or less explodes the air out of the wrinkles. This should result in a very transparent and dynamic sound. Further more, low resonance at 700 Hz. Thanks to the way the tweeter is constructed; no voicecoil, but conductive layers on the foil, it reacts as a real resistor from aprox 4 Ohm. Simple filtering possible....  Sounds promising, eh? Ofcourse I use the HGP as a reference, so I decided (logically) to exactly copy the enclosure of the HGP satellites for easy positioning in the existing stands. By the way, I like the design any way. To make this a real hobby I bought Hobby Box 4.0 and a measurement microphone. I do want to gain experience with REAL speaker design. Not just build something, change a little bit around the filter components and than say, MMMHHH this is nice...

Project descriptions:
(as I expect this story to become quite large, I have split up.... The links will be made active as soon as articles become available)

Eton Units 

A description and data of the loudspeaker chassis used

HGP reference 

Measurements of the HGP Ronda system, for future reference 

Filter design  updated.gif.gif (161 bytes)

The whole story to come from idea to final filer  updated.gif.gif (161 bytes)

Speaker Box design

All In's and out's of the construction of the enclosure 

ETAMSAS measurements updated.gif.gif (161 bytes)

Measuring the final ETAMSAS, Listening tests etc updated.gif.gif (161 bytes)

Conclusions updated.gif.gif (161 bytes)

My final statement updated.gif.gif (161 bytes)

Updated: 11-Jan-03



Happy Listening and Building !!!!

Doede Douma




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