Updated: 24-Jan-10


The new Master Reference Loudspeaker System


Again another loudspeaker system..... yes, why not ? I gained a lot of experience with the ETAMSAS, which is a very nice loudspeaker design, but not a Master Reference.... I always wanted to build a real FULL system with real superb features. Audiofriend Gydo, helped me making a simple decision. He showed me his speaker designs based on Thiel Ceramic Units. After listening to these great units I decided to built a system with them, and it should be semi active with 2 subwoofers. Then, again, Gydo caused the final step. He came with the idea of the Gydinel enclosure..... An idea for a master reference system was born !!!! In the meantime all units have arrived at my humble audio workshop (some people call this their livingroom....), so I could start with the first tests with the Thiel units and make first steps on the difficult path of filter design and Amplifier configuration. I realize, this is not something everyone will (re-)build that easily, but I hope that the reader will be inspired to follow his own ideas based on our work !!!

Project descriptions:
(as I expect this story to become quite large, I have split up.... The links will be made active as soon as articles become available)

1. Basic Project description

An Introduction to the philosophy and concept of this 4 way system

3. Filter Design

The whole story to come from idea to final filer

4. Speaker Enclosure  

All In's and out's of the construction of the enclosure 

5. Reviews 

In between listening DIAMOND D-20 test from Erik van de Voorst....


6. Conclusions updated.gif.gif (880 bytes)

My final statement and Final Filter Circuit

Updated: 24-Jan-10


Happy listening and building !!

Doede Douma

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