Updated: 08-Dez-06

The new Master Reference Loudspeaker system

Basic Project Description


The basic Setup of Gydinel

gydinelamps.jpg (20817 bytes)gydinelsetup2.gif (7539 bytes) I wanted to get away from the, these days very common, approach of a 2 way system with a subwoofer. It works fine, no doubt, but still I thought there are a little too many compromises to make it a real reference system. Why? OK, lets imagine you choose for the 2 way portion for a small diameter low/midrange unit. MMMHHH, good choice, the break up and bundling of the membrane will be significant higher frequencies than the X-over point ! Indeed, but at the lower end of the spectrum, you will definitely lack something. Normally those units will range (effectively) from 100 - 200Hz. No problem, the subwoofer will do the rest... Really think so?? OK, it will do, as in my HGP system and the Etamsas, but you need a subwoofer which at least is close to the 2-way section. At 100-200Hz you can easily locate the subwoofer !! Secondly you cannot use large woofers (12" or 15") as these will not do the job right in human voices. Using 17cm speakers could be a solution, but you would lack the deepest bass, as you do not enough square cm to move air around. So what now?? Actually the answer is already embedded in the above...... make it 4 way... OK, you can use very small real mid tone membrane for the 2-way, 17-20 cm units for the nice low/mid and slam/punch, still having nice neutral vocals and 12"-15" units to move air. All set? Almost, the filter was  giving me a headache though... I just do not believe in using these HUGE coils (spoiling Dampingfactor) and large capacitors (extremely expensive or not good...), NO, I decided, it will have to be an active system !! For the very low, the choice was easy; such a good experience with the Master SUB and the Thommessen module, it needed to be a closed system with an active Power module. I wanted to use the SW6.0 first, but Thommessen kept on delaying the introduction and came with a stronger version of the SW2.0; the SW2.5, I guessed, the 225 Watt would do the job. Oh yes, almost forgot, 2 ETON 12" per channel to come to more than 1000 square cm. This will do 20 Hz at 105dB, enough for this application.... For the Low/mid range, I decided first for an ETON 8" unit, but after doing some tests, I found that the midrange was not clean enough. Helpful as always, Gydo told me to try the (unfortunately very expensive) C220 unit from Thiel. Boy, was I glad I did !!! This unit has the most detailed low frequency reproduction and most neutral mid range I ever heard. The sound print of these Ceramic unit fits very well with the C79 and C12 ceramic units. Coming back to the filter, I said I did not wanted to use a passive filter for the X-over round 250Hz. For this reason I designed the TUMOS amplifier and included a RC filter in the GOLIDAV to have a High Pass filter at 150Hz. This all should lead to a total non compromised system, which will combine great transparent audiostage, micro detail with huge dynamics and extreme neutral mids........ and huge punch and real bass foundation. What else do we want ??



The first test are very promising....... Keep checking for updates!







Happy listening and building !!

Doede Douma

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