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The new Master Reference Loudspeaker system

ilter Design


Introduction (September 7th)

From the main introduction page, you can read that this system is for a great deal ACTIVE.. So why Filters ? Well, for the top unit, the one with the C79/C12 we serve the audioband between aprox 200 and 20kHz and this is driven by the Golidav Tube amp. In the test versions and all other loudspeakers I have heard with a C79/C12, you will notice the great teamwork of this couple. The idea is, that with a serial filter, where the energy is divided over the 2 units very homogeneously, this audio band would sound very smooth. With full active approach I am not too sure, plus the fact I have no amps to drive the C79 (yet :-). OK, so lets try both then !! Exactly, that is what I will do. Easiest to start with the passive version ofcourse.... In the below links I will fill the Site with information and listening experiences, as time and developments evolve........

I like to link here to the Site of Tony Gee, who did a great Job on some BACKGROUNDS on serial Filters !!!
(saves me a lot of work, hahaha :-)



As this will be also with quite some images and text, I split up in chapters as we go. Just follow the links below

1. First measurements in final enclosure without filter

2. Measurements with 2 alternative filter configurations and listening test

3. ???




To be continued (September ??)

Please keep checking !!


Happy listening and building !!

Doede Douma

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