Updated: 24-Jan-10

The new Master Reference Loudspeaker system

Conclusions and Final Circuit


Final words

Well, it took some time, but I still owe you a few final words. I finalized the Gydinel Project already some time ago with a hybrid solution:


Ultra Bass (Eton 2x 12 Inch Sub Woofer):
I am using 2x 400 Watt Hypex modules to drive the 2x 12 inch "Eton Subwoofer" through the Behringer DCX2496
Behringer Settings are so, that it plays till 75 Hz. 48dB roll off and 6dB uplift curve below 35Hz to compensate for the Closed Box roll-off
It plays easily and very dry till 20Hz... Great foundation....


Bass / Midd (the C220)
This is driven by my own Tumos class-A MOSFET design and at the input (see Circuit) a simple passive 12dB filter is added to cutt at 250Hz. The C220 gives body to the voices and "kick" to the bass. Thanks to closed enclosure and Q of 0,5 sound is natural, neutral and very detailed


Top Unit (C79 and D20 Diamond tweeter)
The real heart of the system is driven by my Golidav 300B amplifier and again I added passive low frequency cutt-off between driver stage and output stage. This leaves the Tube amp with enough Air :-) and allows for a 12dB approach without increasing impedance too much in the signal chain
The 2kHz take over is done with a series filter 12dB and Absolute TOP components..... resulting in unparelled sound reproduction :-))


The whole system is now the the optimized and delivers fantastic spatial 3-D sound reproduction and a totally clean and neutral sound texture. I am very pleased with it and still use this set-up. So far I did not feel any need to start tweeking & changing :-))


Just a small remark. After many , many, listening sessions and tweaks of the filter, I came up with using All units to play IN-Phase.... Thanks to filter topology, there are no drop outs at cross-over and impulses are all in one direction, resulting in a very transparent and vivid sound


Below is the Circuit of the today existing filter and amplifier set-up
(2010... forget the typo of 2005 in the cicuit.... ;-)
Click on it for more detailed image...


Final Circuit, click for larger Image


Updated: 24-Jan-10






Happy listening and building !!

Doede Douma

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