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Welcome to this dedicated Website for Audiophile projects, such as a DIY HIGH END DACs, Loudspeakers, Tube Amplifiers and more !

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Author's note:    

I hope you will have as much pleasure, reading my WEB Site, as I have had, designing and building my audio equipment. First this site was only covering my DIY DAC project. In the meantime I have been building other audiophile (Tube !) equipment and accessories. I will describe all activities in detail and try to make it easy for every one to use (part of) my experience. No secrets ! every thing can be found on the download pages ! My hobby results are available for everyone. Without other enthusiasts on the WEB, I never would have come so far....  I must admit, that I am not updating that frequently (work, work, work...), but there is a lot in the pipeline, so keep checking my site and enjoy reading and building !

My most important Projects on this Site:


Modular n x 12-parallel non oversampling DAC with asynchrone XO re-clocking
and SPDIF and USB to I2S-bus conversion !

The DDDAC1543 project is finished !!

A directly coupled Stax Electrostatic Headphone Tube Amplifier

Check the story and many pictures !!!


Hard Wired version of the PhonoDude RIAA Tube Amplifier

Check the story and many pictures !!!



PCB version of the totally NEW PhonoDude RIAA Tube Amplifier

Check the story and many pictures !!!




8-parallel non oversampling DAC with asynchrone XO re-clocking
dddac1543_pcb_proto.jpg (22170 bytes)
The DDDAC1543 project is finished !!



Reference System based on Thiel Ceramic units and ETON Bass

Click to go to Story
Check the story and many pictures !!!


Building your own HOME CINEMA!!!
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Click the "Gladiator" to get the picture story ...
Doubted a long time. I was not sure whether it would be a good idea to do Home Cinema stuff on this Site... But why not?? It is a nice DIY project, with speaker design, Filter design, Lots of construction work and the most important, LOTS and LOTS of fun afterwards !!!!



Sensational new MOSFET power amplifier with real Tube sound!!
tumos13s.jpg (17707 bytes)
TUMOS more or less started as a small experiment, with as unexpected as surprising results......
This Project is finished now, check the "Other Projects" under the "Tube Portal"!



ETON Air Motion Satellite System

Based on the great experience with ETON Chassis (DD Master SUB), I decided to construct a Satellite Loudspeaker, based on the existing HGP Model ..... This Project is completely finished now, Filter design took many months and is completed now.
This Project is finished now, check the "Other Projects" under the "Tube Portal"!



Active ETON powered "NON-ported" Subwoofer
ddsubfs.jpg (8303 bytes)
I decided to construct a MASTER SUB Woofer, to only support the last octave with a power full low bass.......
This is the final result, check the "Other Projects" under the "Tube Portal"!


Full integrated RIAA and Line Tube Amplifier
Click for large Picture
The new PRE amp with Phono RIAA stage is ready now.  Read all about it at the Tube Portal



KR300BXLS based SE amplifier with Amorphe output
kr300b00_s.jpg (7941 bytes)
The Master: Golidav Tube Amplifier with the KR300BXLS tube and Amorphe Output Transformer



Multiple Receiver/Filter PCM63 DAC with passive I/V output
Frontview from the DDDAC 2000: Click for large Picture  Backview from the DDDAC2000: Click for large Picture
A huge portion of this site covers the "DDDAC 2000", where it all started with! I will give you detailed descriptions on how it all works and why I came to this design.
Voila!    Proudly presenting the DDDAC 2000, with peek inside...


Happy Listening and Building !!!!

Doede Douma


IMPORTANT: The information provided on this page is intended as guide for DIY activities and therefore free to copy and or publish. If any one wishes to use any of the information from my WEB site, please make sure to refer and footnote to my URL Link as source! Doede Douma

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