Updated: 03-Jan-06
Tube Projects ...

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Item 8 December-13-2004

AURIDUX, a directly coupled Stax Electrostatic Headphone Tube Amplifier with sensational specifications and ditto sound.....

Item 7 December-13-2004

The PhonoDude as Hard Wired version with top components, separate power supply solution and DDDAC Chassis look !!

Item 6 December-30-2003

Introduction on my Site of this new RIAA Tube amplifier, which is developed in co-operation with Triode Dick. This is the PCB version, which was specially developed for easy reproduction for DIY enthusiasts !!    

Item 5 March-29-2002 Sensational new Application: The 2 Headed Dragon: New Output TX with 2 secondary windings. One silver, one copper, for BI-wiring purposes.......  
Item 4 September-06-2001 A facelift for the MU-stage in the GOLIDAV, leading to much more headroom and less distortion. Make sure to download the updated PDF File with revised circuit !!
Item 3 August-26-2001 GOLIDAV: I have been trying some other, alternative tubes on the AMP. A listening impression.....
Item 2 August-21-2001 GOLIDAV: a 300B single end state of the art amplifier with KR300BXLS high power tubes and amorphe OPT's
Item 1b November-25-2001 2nd part: My new project:  The DDPRE1, a RIAA Phono stage and line stage
The AMP is finished now, final tweaks and problems solved
Item 1 September-09-2001 1st part: Construction of my new project:  The DDPRE1, a RIAA Phono stage and line stage, all with MU designs. First wiring and chassis lay out


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