Updated: 05-Jan-06
Doede's Audio Tweaks ...

Item # Description
Item 9 Tweak of the week: Updated the Golidav XLS300B amplifier with improved power supply, fixed bias and DC heating
Item 8 Tweak of the week: Changing the gridresistor  in the penthode of the MU-Stage
Item 7 Tweak of the week: Decoupling of the Output-Transformer directly to the 300B Cathode in a SE amplifier 
Item 6 Tweak of the week: Improving Sound by using clean mains cables and power mains ??? 
Item 5 Tweak of the week: Simple solution  PCB for LM317  Voltage and Current Sources  
Item 4 Tweak of the week: The Sony 777 SACD Player: Transformer Output, By Passing the OPAMP Filter / Buffer Stage  
Item 3 Tweak of the week: Replacing MKP Capacitors with Oil filled types in my HGP Loudspeaker system
Item 2 The new Power Supply for the MU Tube Stage as preparation for the NEW PRE amp
Item 1 Changing the capacitors in the DAC line stage


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