Updated: 20-Aug-01 16:23
Doede's Audio Tweaks...

Tweak of the week: Changing MKP capacitors for Oil filled type in my HGP Loudspeakers !!!

I was already very satisfied with the sound of my HGP speaker system. The stereo image is of unheard quality. The speakers play totally transparent and build a realistic stage. But a little question mark on the tonal balance, specially in the high frequency range, I could not set aside ! I checked with the manufacturer if they had some ideas. In the, very easy to access filter compartment, (thank you HGP !!!)  I found a MKP capacitor named "Audyn Cap". According to HGP, this was the "best you can get". They also threatened me, that I would loose warranty, if I changed any thing, oh yeaahhhh, now I was really intrigued to do something !!!

So when Triode Dick visited me some time ago, he brought a few old Paper in Oil C's with the right value with him. The picture shows our activity to replace the MKP for Oil type. If you look sharp, you will see the little switch. Just temporarily to do straight A-B comparison. Well, as expected, HGP was wrong, there is "better".  No dramatic things again, but this tweak took the last little sharp edge away, making the highs silky and smooth. The voices gained body. So we decided to take the "risk" of loosing waranty and leave the oil C's in the speakers. There is no way back fro his tweak !

Till today I am glad I did.  The next tweak which is planned, is to replace the internal Kimber Cable (also not bad) with Silver wire........


hgptweak.JPG (7998 bytes)




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