Updated: 04-Jan-06
What equipment is used in my Listening Room ???

My Listening Room
My listening room.....

After a few years, I really needed to update this site as I have bought and built a lot of other equipment !!!

Try not to be too much of an exhibitionist here, but I just want the reader to know, what I am using as a reference to listen to the music. I will not play marketing here for the respective brands... Reason for selecting all of the mentioned equipment was there ability to reproduce great sound with lots of details and deep and open sound stage. Things as frequency response, distortion numbers etc etc never has been selection criteria. I have used my ears only here (and a look in the wallet of course, every thing has his (budget) limit...)

Beta Version of the Extreme Value for Money Amplifier "TUMOS"

Cartridge:                  Ortofon Jubilee
Step Up:                    Sowter MC step up Nr 7136X 
Turntable:                 LINN LP12 with LINGO power supply and EKOS arm
Pre Amp Stage:              Phono: Double Tube MU stage with passive RIAA correction
Line: MU Stage with the Siemens BA SIF                                                       Click for schematics
SACD / CD player:                 Sony XA777ES. Heavily Modified....
DAC:                         DDDAC2000   and     DDDAC 154
AMPS:                         "Golidav"  SE design with Amorphe Silver OPT, KR300BXLS end tube, 7788/227 MU-stage driver. Separate power supply for end stage and driver. Rectifiers GZ37 (end) and AZ11 (driver). All capacitors are oil filled types and BG WKZ. DC Heater Supply from TentLabs. Fixed negative Bias. Wiring with silver wire. Click for schematic
Speakers:                 Gydinel Active system


Happy Listening and Building !!!!

Doede Douma

IMPORTANT: The information provided on this page is intended as guide for DIY activities and therefore free to copy and or publish. If any one wishes to use any of the information from my WEB site, please make sure to refer and footnote to my URL Link as source! Doede Douma