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Welcome to the DDDAC 2000 Column!


Tubes, tubes, tubes, tweaking, tweaking, tweaking, tweaking, tweaking, tweaking, ............................

You know, it is not easy… The last months I have been doing a lot of building, testing and even more listening. Every time I thought, well I have to write about this topic or that experience. But before I actually started writing, there was a new idea, or I needed to let the new components play for a while, to be 100% sure, what I was listening to, was what it was…

But I do not want to discourage the readers of the Site to keep coming back and checking for some new stuff… So I decided to publish what I have right now and to make it more like a TV-series….

I started this WEB Site as a pure DAC site, but guess what happens, you increase the quality of your music source, so you like and need to work on the rest of the chain… and the rest happens to be tubes, so my site will spend much more time there. On the technical backgrounds, I started under the link Tube Stages a „Tube Portal" I am listing here my projects and experiences. Please have a look at this site as there are some interesting technical findings as well some new (not built yet) projects. Public for every one !! Interesting themes on my new 300B AVVT SE AMP, the MU tests, the Tweaking of the TUBE stage, Power supply change etc….

Building the DAC and the difficulties........

The column would not be complete if I did not write about the DDDAC itself. I have had many response on the DAC building itself, but very little from those who actually DEAR to start building this beauty…. I can understand, my set up is not a kit or something, no printed circuit boards, no manuals nothing, just a schematic and the rest is yours. I understand that. BUT as you may be noticed in my LINKS in Holland there is a small group of very knowledgeable guys who (parallel) to me designed a DAC as well based round (almost) the same chips !!! The only difference is that they use the 8412 receiver, where I prefer the asynchrone sampling with the 8420… but there is no such thing as black and white… I know with a 8412 it will sound great as well. I have my personal doubt on the Tube Sage they designed, I know that the MU stage with an old triode is playing much much better. But that does not matter also, why? Because you build any TUBE stage you like behind the DAC itself. The good thing from their design is one VERY BIG ADVANTAGE: these guys went on where I stopped. They deliver PCB’s for the digital part !!! This makes life much easier, so I would recommend and encourage every one interested to build this DAC concept to take their version unless you want to take the hard route, I did. The bottleneck is without doubt the filter chip SM5842AP. This chip is hard to get, but guess what? I know, that we will be able to deliver the chip if we get at least 10 people together, so if you are still in doubt? Cut the not now !!! You will never get a DAC as good as this concept with this filter chip. Time is limited, so hurry up…..

Of course I will honor those people subscribed at my Site (if still valid..)


Please be patient and beware with me that this is not my full time hobby, so results will be gradually appear on my site..... just keep checking !!
As always: let me have your reactions and let's use this Site as an platform to further increase our joy on good CD music reproduction!

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Happy Listening and Building !!!!

Doede Douma


IMPORTANT: The information provided on this page is intended as guide for DIY activities and therefore free to copy and or publish. If any one wishes to use any of the information from my WEB site, please make sure to refer and footnote to my URL Link as source! Doede Douma