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Welcome to the DDDAC 2000 Column!


This is the first column I am writing on my new page and it is intended to keep you up to date on latest developments on this Site and on the project. Almost one year, it took me to get the DAC so far, I thought it would be ok to publish it. As with all high end audio DIY projects, it is not easy to be ready just like that. I found the first state where I was happy with the basic sound of the DAC. Now it will be time to start tweaking.... Yesterday I visited Dick (Triode Dick...) and we had a very interesting listening day. We specially found out that the Tube part of the DAC is not there yet, surely this part will have the potential to grow further, as we continue tweaking. I am not in a hurry and will do the tweaks slowly and one by one.... On my page I will be reporting on the progress I am making. I am not expecting dramatic changes. I will start with tweaking the passive components and later the power supply. But this makes the hobby interesting, keep trying to improve the products you build. The basis is there and now the evolution.

As said, a few pages on my Site are not yet ready, but these have a more informative nature, so can and will be added later. I am sure no one will read everything in one breath any way, so I will try to keep it interesting over time!

I will also try to "travel around with the DAC and do some comparison with other DAC's and CD players, for referencing the DDDAC and get more experience for further tweaking.

Please let me have your reactions and let's use this Site as an platform to further increase our joy on good CD music reproduction!




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Happy Listening and Building !!!!

Doede Douma


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