Updated: 14-Jan-04
Doede's example of a "Hard Wired" PhonoDude

I Don't want to give any one the idea that only PCB solutions are the right one, So I also decided to built a hard wired version...... I guess the images speak for itself..... The Power Supply is housed in a "nothing-special-cheap" chassis from the electronics shop and is kept out of sight.....


I choose to pick the same line as the DDDAC1543, so it would look nice next to each other..... neat eh?

The chassis were designed with the CAD-Software and Online Production Service from Schaefer. I have no interest in this company, just very enthusiastic !!!

At the right I have put on the metal hoods. To be honest I don't think it looks good. If the HUMM is negligible, I will remove them later and exchange for nice shining golden mounting ring, haha, Lord of the Ring.....


 Below you can see how nice the two match.... Beautiful couple eh?



Happy building, listening AND testing.......


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