Updated: 11-Jan-03

ETAMSAS, the new ETON Air Motion Satellite System
ETAMSAS Measurements

Description of the main measurements....


etamsas31.jpg (43573 bytes)All measurements  were initially done in my livingroom. Although the Hobby Box software is almost not influenced by this (as  long as you take the FFT interval small enough to let the echoes not fall in the window...) I wanted to use a more or less non-reflecting room to do the last  measurements. I found this room outside in my Garden !!! On the pictures you see what I mean.....

etamsas33.jpg (44235 bytes)


Below you see the final result of the ETAMSAS. The RED curve was done in my "anti-echoic-chamber", the black one in the living room. With this result I was more than happy and the nice music produced was confirming this....


The Waterfall diagram shows that the ETAMSAS is a very fast loudspeaker  with huge control. This is responsible for the very neutral character of this Design


This Graph shows how the total curve is being combined from the 2 individual loudspeakers. Although the high frequency response seems a bit wobbly, there is no negative effect at all to be heard. And that is the most important isn't it?


The step response from the complete system. First comes the VERY fast response from the AIR-Motion transformer, followed  directly by the ETON units.


Finally the impedance curve, which will be of NO problem for what ever kind of amplifier........

etamsasimp.jpg (19877 bytes)



Happy Listening and Building !!!!

Doede Douma




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