Updated: 08-Dez-06

ETAMSAS, the new ETON Air Motion Satellite System


My   "Conclusions"

Sound a bit heavy "My Conclusions", ahem.... Never the less, this project has been successful in 2 ways, I have proven my self, that with the right (measuring) equipment, it is definitively   possible to design your own loudspeaker and completely beat a factory design, which cost several times more... Now I have to find a buyer for my HGP system, hahaha !! I have learned about filter design a great deal more, Learned about Loudspeaker measurements with the great HobbyBox software and last but not least, the sound of the ETAMSAS can meet much more expensive factory stuff. The ER-4 is fabulous !!! The highs are oh so sweet and extremely detailed. The dynamics are not what I thought I should expect, it is not "TJAKKA" but more laid back, very silky. The rest of the spectrum is just very neutral and voices are uncolored. The music reproduction gives a  stable stereo image and the music comes totally loose from the enclosures.....

Will this be my final speaker system ??? OF COURSE NOT !!! Now I just realized how much fun this is, the next project is coming.........




Gydinel: a 4 way system with:

SUB Bass:
2x  ETON  12"  with Thommessen SW6.0  Module (500Watt) giving straight bass from 18Hz-70Hz

Thiel C220 driven by the TUMOS amp, 6dB slope from 250Hz


Thiel C79 and C12 combination  driven by the Golidav SE amplifier, active 6dB roll off  under 250Hz, passive take over at a 2kHz 6dB serial filter










Happy Listening and Building !!!!

Doede Douma




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