Updated: 28-Oct-03
Some Details on how to build the DAC-Tower

I had several questions on how the DAC tower was made, so try to give some idea here....

Actually what I did was start with one DAC-chip, take the next one, put it on top of the first one so pin 1 is touching pin 1, 2->2 ,3_>3, etc. So in fact the DACs are fully parallel !! Make sure to leave approximately 1 mm in between the chips top en bottom, allowing for air to flow between the chips. Continue this procedure till you reach the desired TOWER !!

tower.gif (5539 bytes) To complete the tower, I have mounted to copper strips at the sides for heat dissipating and transport. Extra to this you can glue small cooling elements at the side with special heat conducting glue (from your Electronics shop...) The tower gets really cooking hot, so I also have built in  small mini FAN. This fan normally operates at 12 volt, but then it is blows like hell and is very load, bit overkill.... What I did is putting a resistor in series, till the Voltage over the fan was aprox 6 Volt. Now it runs very smooth and silent and still moves sufficient air to cool the tower. Of course I mounted the fan in such a way, it blows directly at the tower, from 7 cm distance or so.....

Hope this clear things up a bit !!!!


Happy Listening and Building !!!!

Doede Douma

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