Updated: 23-Jun-05
Interesting Links (at least from my point of view…) to other Pages

Interesting Links to related Sites from my point of view (far from being complete, but I will continue to add links here:

If you feel your link belongs here or you know a good link, e-Mail me....

Links to informative sites Description
http://www.triodedick.com My favorite Tube DIY Site, interesting and lots of background
http://laplaza.org/~fvuotto/mustage.html The original article on MU stages, very interesting
http://www.duncanamps.com/tubedata/tubesearch.html The place to look for Tube data sheets. here you find EVERY TUBE!!!
http://www.machmat.com/hbhc/index.htm Dutch Tube Forum and Home Page from the "club"
http://www.galstar.com/~ntracy/acg Nice DAC oriented Site, Lots of interesting info's on DAC's
http://members.chello.nl/~m.heijligers/DAChtml/dactop.htm Very nice DAC Site from Guido and friends
http://members.home.nl/deckersmoll Great enthusiasm from Jan Deckers! Performer and DIY'r !!!
http://www.audiomap.de Great German Audio Portal, Links Forum etc etc !!
http://www.triode.club.tip.nl 300B amps and much more from Cuno Snoeren
http://www.gydotron.com/ The private Site from Guido. Belgium Audio friend with superb Speaker design!! And of course Tube amplifiers...
http://www.markinton.nl The private Site from Ton van de Mark. Site with his versions of projects of Triodedick and mine and more....
http://home.wanadoo.nl/e.van.voorst/ The private Site from Erik van Voorst. Erik is building his version of the Sentinel !!!
http://www.baibai.nl Great Initiative:  sell your (or search for) secondhand music for free!
http://www.geocities.com/TDAC1543/ Fabians DDDAC1543 experience Site. Interesting Modifications !
http://buizenversterker.zappsite.nl Dutch Site, nice collection of Tube DIY links
http://jastrid.xs4all.nl/Dalojan/index_1.html Jan Mulders Tube Site. Very detailed, nice stuff....
Links to commercial sites Description
http://www.klingtgut-lsv.de German Post Order Company for Speakers and MUCH more. Finally some one NOT selling at "recommended resale level".
http://www.tubesandmore.com Tubes and more from Antique Electronics. Simple online ordering
http://www.galstar.com/~ntracy/acg Nice DAC oriented Site, Sales of DAC's &  parts
http://www.angela.com/ US post order components. Angela has great Oil C's !! and Riken R's
http://www.ae-europe.nl Wil Blaauw, the best Transformer builder in the universe.... Also lots of extra parts to build tube amplifiers...




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